Evaluate Property

with machineLearning(propID,data);


What We Do

We evaluate and score properties using machine learning and deep tech.

Decision Making

Instantly decide to buy, sell, hold or repurpose real estate assets using real time data and full explanation.

We use current and forward looking data on location, demographics, building design and energy factors.


Valuation of property include many new parameters including environmental impact, sustainability and access to non fossil fuel transportation.

Move on from old comparable valuations to average valuation calculations using multiple models including DCF and IFRS.


In the UK, affordability and mobility are driving the UK to a more European rental model.

We calculate on the fly actual and asking rental yield forecasts using data from multiple sources. Clustered polygons.


Evaluate property with simple scores and rankings based on actor profiles.

Machine learned process filters universe potentials to real choices.


Real time portfolio valuations on baskets of real estate using average and median income and capital data.

Deep tech analysis designed by quants.


Full SaaS model for corporates. Prices start at £1000 + VAT a month.

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About Us


Regeo is a UK start up launched late 2019 and uses machine learning and deep tech to match real estate actors to UK residential property assets. Proptech is challenging and making existing real estate processes more reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Our fee paying clients include investment funds and real estate platforms. Our machines are fed data from over 550 sources and coded with help from real estate professionals (surveyors and academics) with over 20 years real estate portfolio experience.

  • Simple
  • Real time
  • UK coverage
  • Rentals
  • Investments
  • Vacant possessions

Making Life Easier.

Many real estate processes are antiquated, paper based and heavily fee driven. Technology is making it easier to due diligence property and we are at the forefront of analysing residential property like commercial real estate with as little human intervention as possible.

We have full analytics on every residential property in the UK.

  • API
  • Real time data
  • Machine learning
  • White label
  • Factor weighting
  • Cloud